Yoga Therapy Mist

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Yoga Therapy Mist

Our intention when making the Yoga Therapy Mist was to make a mist that would not only be beautiful and softening on your skin but also cleanse and deodorise your mat and balance your natural energy.

Our Yoga Therapy Mist is a unique blend of oils to purify your space, encourage calm and invite peace and balance. It can be used for yoga and meditation practice, or wherever you need to clear the mind and your space.

Shake to activate. Lightly mist your body, room and mat, Namaste.

Supporting the Spirit

Uplifts and brightens your mood, firing your passion for life.      

Encourages deep relaxation deepening your spiritual understanding, melting away your inhibitions helping you to arrive at a meditative state.

Bringing you inner peace, balance and harmony.

Easing the Mind

Eases away stress and emotional anxiety quieting the inner chatter, clearing mental fatigue giving you a clear calm mind.

Raises low self-esteem, soothes away sadness helping lift depression.

Healing the Body

Prepares you Spiritually, mentally and physically to give you better strength, Balance and Flexibility.

Alcohol Free



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