Dead Sea Salt


Why Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea Salts have become famous for their many natural therapeutic ways to treat and care for your body, due to their unique composition of minerals.  Dead Sea Salts are harvested from the southern Dead Sea in Israel, where mineral content is at its highest. Dead Sea Salts effectively treat many skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis to more everyday conditions such as oily or dry skin. Dead Sea salts are also known to soothe rashes, calm allergic reactions, minimise dandruff and treat acne. In addition, Dead Sea salts detoxify your skin, drawing out dirt, pollutants and impurities from the pores.

Benefits: Regular use has been clinically proven to relieve the symptoms of psoriasis, skin allergies, arthritis, back pain, and is even recognised as a treatment for stress, insomnia and many other related conditions.

It’s no wonder the Dead Sea is a popular tourist destination, as well as a centre for healing and treatment. You don’t need to go to the Dead Sea to reap its magnificent rewards, however- here at Stable House we offer real, raw, natural Dead Sea salts for you to sprinkle in your bathtub. If you suffer from stress, any one of many skin conditions, anxiety, aches and pains, or even a more serious condition, one of our numerous Dead Sea Salts/Essential Oil blends could very well offer relief, if not a complete cure. 

About the Dead Sea

Technically a lake, the Dead Sea is located between Israel and Jordan, about 15 miles east of Jerusalem.  The Dead Sea is the 2nd saltiest body of water in the world, and sits at the lowest point of elevation on earth. It was formed 2 million years ago and miraculously retains the purity of its ancient waters, even today. The climate here is warm, sunny and dry year-round, and is blessed with extraordinarily low pollution.

For thousands of years, the Dead Sea has been a centre for health and well-being. The waters of the Dead Sea contain a high volume of minerals that benefit human health. These minerals include potassium, sulphur, calcium, bromine, collagen, and many more. For centuries, people have flocked to the Dead Sea to enjoy the benefits of soaking in its mineral-rich, salt filled waters. Cleopatra recognized the cosmetic benefits of the Dead Sea and had retreats and factories built along its shores. The Egyptians used elements present in the area for embalming and mummification processes. The Dead Sea also plays an important role in the history and prophecies of the Bible, and is present in many ancient writings.

The salt from the Dead Sea is no ordinary salt. Unlike table salt, Dead Sea salt has many therapeutic properties and contains high levels of natural minerals that our bodies need to thrive. These minerals cleanse, heal, and help our cells flush out unwanted toxins. Dead Sea salt can be enjoyed in several forms in the comfort of your own home: as bath salt and in the form of mud masks. Our Minera Dead Sea salts are harvested from the southern end of the Dead Sea, which holds the highest mineral content.

The Dead Sea is recognized as a powerful rehabilitative centre, thanks to the wonderful climate, therapeutic waters and natural beauty. The shores of the lake are now teeming with spas, wellness centres, hotels and retreats. The area is thriving and tourists from around the globe gather there to witness the wonder that is the Dead Sea.