Bumblebee Jasper & Citrine Mala with Agate Pendant

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  • Bumblebee Jasper & Citrine Mala with Agate Pendant
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Physically, Yellow Agate may help you with digestive disorders, including food allergies and slow metabolism. It is also said to help in the skin problems, such as eczema. Yellow Agate, "the revitalising crystal" is said to reinforce courage, confidence, happiness and prosperity into our lives.

The mala beads are Bumblebee Jasper and Citrine, excellent companions for the journey of life. It strongly stimulates the sacral and solar plexus chakras, freeing any blocked energies in these areas so that one may fully manifest the things they feel a calling to do. The energy flow here brings high levels of inspiration and intensity into one’s creative energy. This will inspire one to pursue new projects and increase one’s power of persistence to not give up despite any obstacles that may interfere. This is especially effective when one is pursuing something deeply meaningful to them.

This stone noticeably increases the active neurons in the gut, which allows one to become more closely attuned to their instincts. When working with or carrying Bumblebee Jasper one can feel this as “buzzing” vibrations in the gut, which assist one in becoming more aware of opportunities. It attunes one to quickly spot golden opportunities, and assist in knowing the exact moment to execute action. Bumblebee Jasper also enhances assertiveness, courage, endurance, and concentration. As a stone of adventure, it can spark inspiration to travel to new places, or even make new discoveries in familiar places. This stone will assist one in whatever type of adventure they embark on by helping with quick thinking, decision making, and inner knowing of where to go next.

Citrine is one of the essential stones of the sacral chakra, making it a staple for creativity and manifestation. This resonance with the sacral chakra allows one to awaken their abilities of creative imagination. Citrine’s energy flows into the body directly from the sacral chakra and spreads into the root and solar plexus, allowing all three to radiate with solar light. This flow of energy greatly enhances one’s powers of will and manifestation, aiding one in bringing their imagination forward and fusing it with one’s will. Once one tunes into their imagination in this manner, they can turn towards the future. Citrine pushes us to imagine all that can be rather than becoming stuck in the past, and what has been.


Necklace Total Length : 90cm


As with any fine jewellery, take care and remove your pieces before showering, bathing, swimming, exercising or any use beyond light activity to preserve the life of your jewellery. Avoid contact between the jewellery and hairspray, perfume and any type of body lotion or hand cream. Store in a dry place.