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  • Seaweed Soap
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Product Description

A mineral rich soap enriched with seaweed and antiseptic, healing essential oils. From cleansing to toning, moisturising to repairing, seaweed and marine extracts have earned some serious kudos in the skincare world. The ocean’s plants are able to survive extreme conditions and often adapt to changing environments, giving them potent powers to be harnessed for renewing the look of skin. It’s this resilience and restorative ability that make seaweed and marine extracts so valuable in skincare terms. Sea kelp is one of the prime ingredients of the top brand range in the world, after discovering its natural ability to regenerate itself at a rate of up to two feet a day in prime growth seasons. After concentration and fermentation the sea kelp can become a powerful catalyst for skin renewal; it bathes the skin in moisture and calms sensitivities. A combination of Tea Tree essential oil with seaweed restores the skin, detoxifying, soothing and toning. Helpful for congested skin types that suffer from cellulite, as this combination of ingredients improves the circulation. Also cleansing and good for problem complexions as it helps clarify the skin, eliminating excess toxins. We also add Lemongrass essential oil, which gives good tone to the skin, is revitalising and firming. The mix of essential oils are also anti-fungal, therefore this makes this an extraordinary bar of soap.