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  • Manface Clay Masque
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Product Description


Manface Clay mask is a blend of Rhassoul, and Black Midnight Clay. Rhassoul Clay is mineral rich clay from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Recognized as one of the most absorbent clays in the world and sometimes referred to as Moroccan Ghassoul it is 100% natural and non-drying. Rhassoul clay contains large amounts of trace minerals and pro-vitamins that our skin cells use instantly for tissue repair and renewal. Australian  Black Midnight Clay  is black in colour, which is rich in iron and oxygen. It is used to clean the skin of toxins quickly while nourishing and conditioning the skin.

The benefits of Manface clay

  • Purifies pores by removing sebum, dead skin cells and everyday dirt thoroughly without drying skin out
  • Increases skin’s dermal absorption capacity. With clogging impurities out of the way your skin cells can breathe properly and absorb moisture and nutrients from the treatments you apply intensely
  • Nourishes skin cells with pro-vitamins and trace minerals such as Silicon, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium for optimum tissue repair and renewal
  • Reduces dryness & flakiness
  • Improves skin clarity & elasticity 
  • Cleanses hair without depleting hair’s natural oils needed to protect and keep your hair healthy 
  • Manface clay is 100% natural. It does not contain any chemicals, preservatives, or fragrances 
  • Suitable for all skin and hair types

How does Manface clay work?

Manface clay has an amazing absorption capacity due to its smectic properties (swelling abilities) that make it one of the most absorbent clays available. It binds impurities and micro-organisms through ion exchange. Like magnets, the negatively charged ions in Manface clay attract the positively charged ions in toxins and pull them out from deep beneath the skin.

How can I use Manface clay?

  • As a facial mask to purify your pores
  • As a body mask to detoxify and condition your skin
  • As a scalp mask to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth
  • As a shampoo to cleanse your hair gently

How to prepare Manface clay Mask?

Preparing Manface clay Mask for use is quick and easy. All you need to do is mix the clay with cold or warm water and let it soften for 10 minutes. Use your fingers or a wooden spoon to stir the mixture into a smooth homogenous paste, ready to apply to your face, body or hair.

The ideal consistency should be similar to tooth paste, but you can have fun by mixing different amounts of water and experimenting with different consistencies until you find the ideal one for you. Keep in mind however that the thicker the layer you apply, the greater are the drawing and nourishing effects.

Do I have to mix Manface clay with water alone?

No. You can create your own and unique clay mask. Make your home SPA treatment by adding Argan oil or your favorite oil to a paste. All you need to do is add a few drops to your smooth paste and stir to mix it well.

How to store

  • Do not refrigerate dry Manface clay Mask. Store in a cool dry place
  • If you prepared more  paste than needed and you intend to use it after a few days, simply store the paste in a sealed container in the refrigerator for no longer than one week
  • If you prepared more paste than needed and you are not sure when you will use it. To prevent waste simply leave it in a non-sealed container, well exposed to the air. The water will evaporate after a few days and paste will dry and regain its initial form; dry clay pieces. These can be mixed with water to create a new paste in the future. Manface clay's shelf life never expires as long as it is kept in dry form even if it has been mixed with water several times.