Everybody's loving our Monthly Half Price Selection


Everybody's loving our Monthly Half Price Selection.. This month's includes:

  • A 500g resealable pouch of energising Revive and De-Tox Essential Oil Bath Soak.
  • A super moisturising face cream with with skin nourishing Sea Buckthorn Oil.
  • An invigorating slice of our detoxifying Seaweed Handmade Natural Soap
  • And for that super smooth blemish free body, a 300ml jar of Zeolite & Seaweed Dead Sea Spa Body scrub made with detoxifying Zeolite Clay and Seaweed Extract.

All these wonderful items are Hand Blended with Pure Essential Oils and will leave you feeling revived, refreshed and gorgeous.

Normally £40.80 ... Half Price offer only £20

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