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Vegan Life Live Ticket Giveaway

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March - Half Price Selection

It's Here! The Half Selection for March.   A wonderful Half Price Selection and Our Best Ever for March - Celebrating Mothers Everywhere.We have put together a truly lovely Half Price Selection for March, so as Mums will really feel special this Mother's Day.

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Everybody's loving our Monthly Half Price Selection

Everybody's loving our Monthly Half Price Selection.. This month's includes: A 500g resealable pouch of energising Revive and De-Tox Essential Oil Bath Soak.A super moisturising face cream with with skin nourishing Sea Buckthorn Oil.An invigorating slice of our detoxifying Seaweed Handmade Natural SoapAnd for that super smooth blemish free body, a 300ml jar of Zeolite & [...]

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The Benifits of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

The health benefits of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil are abundant. These include hair care, skin care, stress relief, cholesterol level maintenance, weight loss, boosted immune system, proper digestion and regulated metabolism. It also aids in the prevention of kidney problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer, while helping to improve dental quality and bone strength. These benefits [...]

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Rose......oil of the month.

Rose is a beautiful flower with an exquisite sweet fragrance. And it doesn't mind lending some of its beauty to us. The rose essential oil, derived from fresh rose petals through the process of steam distillation, works wonders on the skin, making it healthy, fresh, soft, and supple. Traditionally, it is extracted from Rosa damascene or Damask rose, a special [...]

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January..... Soap of the month.

Every month starting from the 20th January we will be featuring one of our delicious soap. The soap will be available at half price for that month, as we have stared this in the middle of the month, this offer will run until the end of February. This month it is Love Me soap this [...]

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A little something for the weekend......

Shea & Coco Butter Bath Melts by Stable HouseOur first ingredient is Cocoa butter this is a cream-coloured fat extracted from Cocoa beans that has been called the ultimate moisturiser and used for centuries to keep skin soft and supple. It is one of the most stable, highly concentrated natural fats known and melts at body temperature so that [...]

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Be my Valentine

Our Lavender Soap made with English Lavender Oil and perfect for Valentine’s and here’s why: On St Luke's day young maidens would sip on a lavender tea and say. "St Luke, St Luke, be kind to me, In my dreams, let me my true love see." I...n my dreams, let me [...]

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Ylang Ylang

Today we look at Ylang Ylang one of the many oils we use in our New "Love Me Soak". The fragrance is intensely sweet, heady, floral, and slightly spicy, with a narcissus or bananalike overtone.Originating in the Philippines, ylang ylang mea...ns “flower of flowers” or “fragrance of all fragrances.” This fragrance is traditionally used in [...]

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